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Indigenous Immigrants and Refugees in the North American Borderlands by Brenden W. Rensink, Texas A&M Press, 2018

Chapter 9, Note 76 (pages 196 and 270)

The amended bill was signed by the House on September 6 and by the Senate on September 7. President Wilson signed S 3646— providing for the opening of the  Fort Assiniboine Reservation—into law on September 8, 1916. (p. 196)

Chapter 9, Note 76 . . . for sources and discussion of Montana press coverage of the congressional process. (p. 270)

The Montana Press followed the legislative process closely.


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  • “Indian Department Would have Taken Tract,” Havre Plaindealer, April 19, 1916.
  • “Bill Giving Havre Play Grounds Passed Senate,” Havre Daily Promoter, April 25, 1916.
  • “Assiniboine Lands For the Indians,” The Box Elder Valley Press, April 28, 1916.
  • “Park on Beaver Creek Assured,” Havre Promoter, April 29, 1916.
  • “Tom Stout may have Lost Assiniboine Park,” Havre Daily Promoter, May 9, 1916.
  • “Call for Land is Quickly Heard,” Havre Daily Promoter, September 9, 1916.
  • “Permanent Home for ‘Rocky Boy’ Indians,” Christian Science Monitor, November 14, 1916.