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Indigenous Immigrants and Refugees in the North American Borderlands by Brenden W. Rensink, Texas A&M Press, 2018

Chapter 10, Note 13 (pages 202 and 271)

The resulting Committee for Pascua Community Housing (CPCH) in July 1962, chaired by Painter and co-chaired by Spicer, was the primary advocate for a Yaqui relocation and housing plan. (p. 202)

Muriel Painter had been a dedicated ally of the Tucson Yaquis for decades. Deeply involved in chronicling their religious ceremonies and social structures, Painter was appointed in 1942 as chairman of the Tucson Chamber of Commerce’s “Yaqui Committee.” In this capacity, as a scholar, and as a trusted confidant of Pascua Yaquis, Painter was perhaps the best suited individual to lead the CPHC.